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  • Simple and hassle free way to book buses on chat
  • Same experience as talking to a bus booking agent to aid you
  • Choose the perfect option using Pkasy’s recommendations
  • Book the cab and the bus to till destination on same chat!
Financial Chatbot

We deliver the future

We provide our customers with a full cycle of chatbot`s development which сertainly leads to the chatbot`s success.

Conversation Design

This is one of the most important keys to success of the chatbot. Intuitive conversation.

Chatbot Engineering

The best practices and tools lead to developing smart, fast, easy to scale chatbots.

Quality & Performance

Never stop at what you have now. Keep improving your chatbot to stay #1 out there..

Maintenance & Support

Don`t ever care about some possible technical problems. We will always be around.

Built-In Business Logic

  • NLP Chatbot Services in Noida

    Natural Language Processing

    Using our NLP engine understand the user’s intent and send pre-defined answers to users in human language.

  • Conversational Chatbot in Delhi NCR

    Conversation UI

    A UI that the user is familiar with and guarantees ease of communication and effective delivery of the message.

  • Multi-Lingual Support chatbot services

    Multi-lingual Support

    Converse in the language most suitable to your audience. Choose from a range of languages available.

  • Keyword Extractor chatbot

    Keyword Extractor

    Map keywords users would relate to for a particular intent and trigger actions seamlessly.

  • Branching Chatbot support


    Branching logic, helps the bot understand the user’s intent, giving the user a sense of freedom and giving you the control.

  • Best AI ChatBOT company


    Mark your presence on website, search and social with the omnipresent feature. Be where your consumers are.

Use Cases

Use Case Lead Generation

Seize your prospects using instant follow ups and reminders leveraging a two way communication mode offered by a smart Chabot to help your customer...

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Use Case Feedback

Feedback is one of the strongest management tools to help you understand how your customers perceive your business, product or services. With AI LIFEBOT, you can get ...

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